Labels and Stickers

Labels and Stickers examples
Labels and Stickers

When it comes to business, you need a label that sticks.

Adhere to a higher level of creativity and quality with custom printed labels and stickers

While often small and rarely as exciting as full-colour brochures, mailers or posters custom labels and stickers are among the most essential printed items for many businesses and organizations. 

On store shelves, for example, product labels must vie with others for the attention of consumers. If successful, they’ll induce shoppers to reach for your item instead of competitors. Other applications are no less important. Custom vinyl stickers are often relied upon to brand, identify, inform, promote, remind and warn.

With so many uses for custom printed labels — and with so much of your success riding on them — it makes great sense to stick with a pro. Namely, KKP. Well experienced in custom label printing, we’ll design and print a one-of-kind label to meet your needs.

You’ll be in good company. For example, others use our solutions to:

  • Add a decorative touch to many items with custom decals
  • Address packages or custom invitations that are not readily addressed otherwise 
  • Brand products with labels for bottle, boxes and other packaging 
  • Identify staff members with branded labels 
  • Label standard or bulk-purchase boxes, containers and bags as your own with custom stickers such as those on many pizza boxes or carry-out food packages
  • Notify clients of “services-performed” with stickers for use on fire extinguishers, furnaces, automobiles and more, while also identifying their service provider 
  • Seal envelopes in a creative and distinctive manner with custom-designed stickers 
  • Track inventory through barcoded labels, model number labels or serial number tags 

Ask about our variety of self-adhesive labels, custom vinyl stickers and decals today.


Our company has worked with KKP for a number of years on a frequent basis to produce a wide range of printed material. It has been our experience that everyone with whom we've interacted at KKP has consistently provided friendly and efficient service. We really appreciate that staff members have always been conscientious of their work and have made a great effort to be accommodating of our requests.
I have worked with Tim, Bruce and team for approximately 10 years and have always found their products to be of the highest quality at a fair price. They have always been very accommodating with rush orders, very timely for large orders and understanding when changes needed to be made. Their staff is very friendly and helpful. I would, and have recommended KKP to anyone who was looking for a good printer. I am very appreciative of the good service received by KKP.
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