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Brochures are a versatile piece of marketing that can be used for promoting specific services and products, boosting brand presence and relaying important information. Custom brochures are a useful tool that can be used by both large and small companies in any industry. But simply having a brochure isn’t enough – you need to make sure the custom design is creative, well-formatted and a positive reflection of your brand. 

Brainstorming an Effective Brochure Design

Before diving into creating your next brochure, start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What is the purpose of your business brochure?
  • Is your audience made up of new or existing customers?
  • How will your audience receive the brochure?
  • And perhaps most important of all – what do you want your audience to do after reading the brochure?

For example, a retail business might want to promote a new expansion of products that they think will help bring in new business. They plan on handing out product brochures at a local community business fair and want these new leads to head to their website to get more information.

What Should I Include In My Business Brochure?

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your brochure, you can start gathering the kind of content you want it to include. Some of the main elements you’ll want the brochure design to include are:

  • Text that highlights the main benefits of your product or service
  • An explanation of the key differences that make your company stand out from competitors
  • High-quality images or illustrations that showcase your products
  • Testimonials or case studies that highlight strong customer service
  • A call to action that drives customers to your business

In many cases, your brochure will be the first look a new client gets of your business – and when you only have that one opportunity for a first impression, you want it to be as good as it can possibly be.

What Type Of Brochure Do I Need?blog

The first step is to determine what layout you want to use. Luckily, there are a variety of configurations at your disposal. While the trifold brochure is popular, with a total of six panels, you may find you want more or less real space than that. A bifold brochure gives you four panels to work with and is a great layout option for a more concise design.

Your finished product will be a folded piece of print marketing that contains all the useful information you want your audience to see and remember. 

When you work with the design team at KKP Calgary, we’ll ensure that you end up with a final product that meets your marketing needs and helps highlight what makes your business stand out! If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.

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