New Business Marketing Checklist


New Business Marketing Checklist

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Did you know? In Canada, small businesses make up 97.9 percent of all businesses in the country – highlighting how essential they are to the country’s economy. And per a study by, small business owners are the largest employers in Canada, providing work to 68.8 percent of the total labour force, or 8.4 million people.  

New small businesses are unsurprisingly starting all the time, across numerous industries. And in what should be a surprise to no one, roughly half of these new businesses are starting from home, according to research by the Small Business Association. Even in industries that weren’t typically run from home before, the shift to remote work driven by the pandemic seems to be sticking. 

Whether you’re operating your new business out of a fresh brick-and-mortar location, or out of the comfort of your home office, you probably need to get your marketing plans in order. Developing a consistent and comprehensive long-term plan for your marketing can help you better establish yourself and set you and your team up for success.  

When you’re preparing to get into the full swing of things with your new business, think about how you can use the following: 

Logo design: You may have put some key information on a basic business card already, but even from-home businesses should be able to stand out from the pack. A great way to build your brand identity is by working with a graphic design team to develop a logo that speaks to your audience and catches attention on signs and in print. 

Print collateral: Speaking of business cards, you certainly need those if you don’t already have them set up! Once your logo has been finalized, a professional business card is a must-have leave-behind for every client meeting and customer interaction you have. Beyond that, you’ll likely want custom-branded letterhead, business forms and more to create consistency for your company. 

Signs and graphics: If you’re operating out of a physical store or office building, having the right signs is key – after all, you won’t attract customers if they don’t know you’re there! From temporary banners to help promote a grand opening to more permanent solutions like illuminated dimensional letters, monument signs and pylon signs, you need to seek out the right signs for your space.  
Even from-home businesses can benefit from good signage: think about how you can use vehicle graphics or yard signs to advertise your company around town. Placing your company name, phone number and website can help spur business for you, even if you’re not running your company out of a physical location. 

Promotional items: Whether sent out as part of a direct mail campaign, or given away to clients after meetings, the right promotional item can do a lot of heavy lifting for your brand. Consider adding your logo to practical items like pens, chip clips or tote bags – these giveaways have a lengthy life inside the homes of your audience and help to keep your brand at the top of their minds. 

If you need an extra guiding hand to help get your new business up and running, contact KKP! We’re your friendly, local partner for all your marketing needs. Contact us today to set up a free consultation. 

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